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I’ve been having some sleep problems. It’s not like your normal I can’t get to sleep type of insomnia, in fact right on schedule around 11 or 12 midnight I get sleepy, go to bed and fall to sleep. The problem is I wake up in 2 hours, hungry and ready to go. I can’t get back to sleep, so I get up and do things like this. It’s 4 AM and soon I will go lie down and struggle to sleep, but lately without much success. About 8AM I will get up and say the heck with it. If I am drifting off to sleep it doesn’t seem like it or last long, so I get up. I will be tired all day and try to nap a couple times without any success. Around midnight I will get tired again and go to bed only to sleep for 16 hours or so. Yes, that long! Yesterday I slept from 10PM to 2PM. Now I wake up and go to the bathroom and go fall right back to sleep. The dreams I have and remember are vivid and great. If I wake up I just want to get right back into the dreams and I do!

Well, I’m going to go try to sleep, but I secretly hope I can’t. I’ll start the cycle over because the dreams are just that good.

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Just a test

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